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Mary Carmen Carpizo

Real Estate Agent
mariacarpizorealtor@gmail.com+1 (305) 439-4585
Mary Carmen has lived in Miami for more than 17 years, so she knows the different areas of the city very well. She offers a personalized service guiding her clients in each step of the purchase process
sale so that they can make well-informed decisions, taking advantage of the opportunities of the
market and optimizing their investment. She is characterized by her professionalism, dedication, patience,
integrity and good sense of humor. Her clients receive a comprehensive advice based on their investment needs, family, schools and lifestyle. She was born in Mexico City where she studied Business Administration and has worked as an agent for more than six years in the Miami real estate market. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian, which allows her a better communication with foreign investors. She is passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures.
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